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NESUG is doing what??? (part 1)

July 18, 2011

Hi NESUG friends,

Let me first start by apologizing for my recent blog absence.  Blog sites tend to be most effective when they stay fresh with material, and lately I haven’t given that to you.  You know how it is though – life sometimes just gets in the way.

Anyway, we’re now under two months ’til the conference, and with all the exciting activities that’ll be happening in Portland, I just couldn’t help but log in and start to tell you about them.  Over the next few weeks I want to post a few blogs about some of the plans that NESUG has for Portland.  Some of them will be familiar to NESUG veterans but we’re doing a few new things this year too that I think will have everyone excited.  In each post I’ll mention something about one or two activities, and also maybe post an abstract about some of the feature presentations (i.e. Sunday Workshops, SAS presentations, etc.).  Feel free to log on and post comments or questions – as I always say, we’d love to hear from you!

Ooh!  And before I forget – early registration rates end on JULY 22.  Go to or click on the link to the right to begin the registration process.

The first new NESUG feature I want to talk about is the new conference mobile app.  Yes, I said it, NESUG has a conference mobile app.  Now I think I’ve mentioned before that in spite of being a brilliant SAS programmer, I’m not always the quickest to pick up new technology (still workin’ on breaking my Pac-Man record).  But this, I gotta see.

NESUG 2011 will have available, for the first-time, an app / mobile website available for iPhone/iPod Touch, Android, Torch, Blackberry and more.  With this app/mobile website, you will have the always-up-to-date schedule in hand, an attendee list on the go, and a virtual message board. You will be able to create your own schedule, map your way around the meeting space, watch the conference Twitter feeds, and find out about our sponsors.

Make sure you give it a try.

In this blog I also want to highlight one of the Sunday Workshops – Queries, Joins, and WHERE clauses, Oh My!  Demystifying PROC SQL – delivered by one of my favorite people ever to reside in Chapel Hill, NC – Christianna Williams.  This workshop will be presented at 1:00 on Sunday.  See or the registration for information on fees.  Here’s what you can expect.

Subqueries, inner joins, outer joins, Cartesian products, HAVING expressions, Set operators, INTO clauses…  Just the terminology of SQL can be rather daunting for SAS programmers raised on getting the DATA step to do our bidding for data manipulation.  Not to mention the profusion of commas and complete dearth of semi-colons found in a PROC SQL step!  Nonetheless, even the most die-hard DATA Step programmers must grudgingly acknowledge that there are some tasks – such as the many-to-many merge or the “not-quite-equi-join” – that would require Herculean effort to accomplish with DATA steps but can be achieved amazingly concisely, even elegantly, using PROC SQL.  This workshop will present a series of increasingly complex examples to illustrate the function of each of PROC SQL’s clauses, with particular focus on problems that would be difficult to solve with “traditional” SAS code.  And after all, PROC SQL is part of Base SAS; so, though you may need to learn a few new keywords to become an SQL wizard, no special license is required!

Stay tuned for more information on more cool stuff happening this year in Portland.

And don’t forget to register!

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  1. July 18, 2011 10:02 pm

    Mike –
    Thanks very much for the ‘plug’ for my Sunday Workshop – I hope that lots of people will attend yours on tagsets also! At least we are not presenting at the same time. I am getting very excited about an early fall trip to Maine for NESUG, especially after the sweltering summer we are having here in NC.

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