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Invitation to Join Code Clinic 2010

July 19, 2010

Hello to all my fellow SAS Code Jockeys and all NESUG 2010 Attendees,

I am pleased to invite you to participate in this year’s  Code Clinic.

At NESUG 2010,  Code Clinicians from all over the Northeast will gather to give first aid to attendees’  SAS®  programming problems and vexing questions. Whether it involves Base SAS Code, SQL, macros or something else, our staff of volunteers will work to find the cure. 

 Why not join the crew?  

To assist your diagnoses , the Clinic will be equipped with several PCs loaded with SAS  as well as  printers  for sharing  a hard copy of the code used to solve the problem.  The 2010 NESUG Code Clinic will be located  in the SAS Solutions Center and will be staffed from 9 -11 am  and 2-5 pm on Monday and Tuesday and then 9-11 on Wednesday.  Volunteers will work  one hour shifts during those hours.

Two new twists this year:

  •  Attendees will  have a chance to send in their problems in advance, get a diagnosis on-site and then receive a copy of their solution by email.  (Details on how to send in problems prior to the conference will be on the NESUG website ( and this blog. shortly)  Depending on the volume of requests, this means that there may be a  few “homework” assignments sent out to code clinicians prior to the conferences.    Solutions will be shared  at the clinic during the conference and,   when  necessary,  in follow-up communication after NESUG 2010. 
  • For Volunteer Clinicians who have published a SAS Book by Users,  we would like to highlight your expertise as well as your SAS related publication  in the Code Clinic hand-out.   So if you have published a book, please make sure that I know about it, before the conference.

How to volunteer:
First , register for the conference (!)   During the registration process,  you will have a chance to check “Code Clinic” as  a volunteer activity.      Then, to help expedite the process,  notify me using this email: and I will add you to the list to be scheduled.  Include your contact information as well as answers to the following questions ( I’ll query you if you forget):

1.  Are you a presenter at the 2010 conference?   if so, let me know the paper number (s)  that you are authoring.

2.   Have you volunteered for other NESUG activities?  If so, please share details.

3.  Are you a Books by Users Author?

4.  What do you consider to be your SAS expertise? For example: BASE SAS, Data Step, SQL,  Macros, ODS, PROC REPORT, SAS/Stat, SAS/Access…etc.

5.  Are there any other conflicts that I should know about when Scheduling your Code Clinic Session?

I hope you will consider joining us this year.   Take it  from me…the attendees who utilize the Code Clinic will sincerely appreciate your efforts.   And it has also been my experience over the years  that it  can be quite  fun to network and work out solutions  alongside  fellow “clinicians”.  

My Best,
Michael E. Tomb
NESUG 2010 Code Clinic Chair

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